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The Imperial Munitions Company or IMC for short is the weapons manufacturing branch of its parent company the Imperial Trade Corporation. It was founded by master gun smith Quincy Knott, former Enclave scientist James Huchinson, along with a few former Gun Runners executives . It manufactures a very large variety of weapons at an unusually high quality. Unlike the Gun Runners the IMC also manufactures energy weapons, and various artillery pieces. 


M1 Garand chambered in .308 the standard battle rifle of the  Lobotomite army.

M1941 Johnson rifle chambered in .308, used by Desert Rangers who prefer the stopping power of a full size battle rifle and, rarely by Lobotomite Troopers 

H&K G11E chambered in 4.7 caseless available on special order mostly used by veteran Enclave troopers, and Imperial Intelligence Operatives 

R91 assault rifle chambered in 5.56mm standard issue for Desert Rangers, used by some Lobotomite units, and  by Imperial Intelligence Operatives

DKS-501 sniper rifle chambered in both 5.56mm, and .308 , used by Desert ranger sniper teams and used by Imperial Intelligence Snipers.

Type 79 Chinese Sniper rifle chambered in both 7.62×54 mm, and .308 is a less accurate but more reliable alternative to the DKS-501 for all of you wasteland sharp shooters out there

Assault carbine chambered in 5mm used by Desert Rangers, and Imperial Intelligence Operatives 

Marksman carbine chambered in 5.56mm

Trail Carbine chambered in .44 magnum a favorite of some Desert Rangers and wasteland adventurers alike 

Brush Gun chambered in .45-70 Gov used by some Desert Rangers, and big game hunters

IMC Elephant Gun only available on special order chambered in .600 nitro express. Based on a high end pre war double rifle design used by big game hunters since the early 20th  Century. Now used by Death Claw  hunters, and a few Desert Rangers 

Anti-Material Rifle chambered in .50 BMG one of the largest long guns available to both the Empire and there enemy the NCR

Type 76 Anti-Power Armor Rifle chambered in either 14.5mm or 20mm it is extremely rare and only the IMC and the Empire of New Vegas's allies to the west the Shi are known to have access to this weapons pre war schematics. It was a licensed copy of the Soviet  Modular Simonov PTRS-43 Anti-Material Rifle. It was devastating when used against Power armor equipped American Troops, lightly armored vehicles, and could even disable main battle tanks by taking out weak points. It is currently used by a select few Desert Ranger, and Imperial Intelligence sniper teams 

M1911 A1 chambered in .45 Caliber is one of the standard side arms of the Desert Rangers

N99 10mm pistol chambered in 10mm used by some Imperial Officers, 

Colt 6520 10mm pistol chambered in 10mm

Sig-Sauer 14mm pistol chambered in both classic 14mm, and the slightly more common 12.7mm round. This hand cannon is a favorite of some Imperial Officers 

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